Conventional Approach For On Page SEO For Beginners

On Page SEO For Beginners

If you are planning to learn SEO, then you must have read many SEO related articles and Blogs. This could also be possible that the institute you are opting for your studies must have given you a list of ingredients of SEO techniques.

But for nowadays as many practices has been abolished from the history of SEO you must be aware of the latest ones. Here are some of the conventional approaches to be followed for finding your website on the top of Google rank:

  • Content seeks massive attention: Clearly from its heading, content is in the limelight. Earlier back linking was given much footage than the content but as obvious that visitor would require healthy information from the link they have visited, the content inside has to be worth. These days, maximum focus is given to the content of the web page. It must have sufficient amount of keywords taking the searcher back to your website. The keyword has to be topic oriented and non identical. Also make sure that content is impressive enough to compel the user visit your website.

  • Images are not indexed: Always keep this fact in mind that no-matter how impressive images you are using in your website, they are ofminimal use as they are not crawled. So make sure to use “alt” tag for the images.

  • Need of the URL: For perfect SEO techniques, URL plays the vital role. URL of the website contains prime keyword. No underscores are used in the URL and it has to be brief.

  • Usage of meaningful and related Meta Tags: The Meta tags are to be absolutely matching the topic of the website as this is the most important content. Though it is not used for the visitors but for the Google following which Google crawl your website.

Meta tags consist of the following:

Title: Title must contain the main keyword of your website. It should not be exceeding 70 word characters counter. The title is mandatory to be distinctive as it is the one who will fetch all the traffic.

Description: It has to be not more than 156 word characters counter. It must be concrete and concise and delivering the message to the fullest as it is displayed on the search. The description has to be innovative and must carry the main keyword which is also specified in the title and the first paragraph of your page’s content.

Keywords: In the keyword tag we jot down all the related keywords you wish to be crawled. Not everyone uses this tag. But still it is always consider using keyword tag as it build more options for traffic generation on your website.

  • Double check the code: The code has to be double checked as you don’t wish anyone to visit the source code of your website and get to know its core functioning. Specific seo tools are used to abolish these practices.

Hence these are the very basic on-page SEO approaches to be considered while doing the job. For beginners it could be of great use.

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