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What To Focus In Digital Marketing In 2014?

What To Focus In Digital Marketing In 2014?


2013 pressured Digital Marketing to recognize that obtaining a wide variety of supporters on public networking systems basically wasn’t realistic or adequate. Instead (with limited thanks to the Google Hummingbird algorithm), a higher concentration was given to involvement and material optimization to help develop companies more meaningfully. So, what does 2014 have in store? Well, the incoming promotions will progressively take the centre level to suggest customers self-sufficiently. Here are our top predictions:

Content is king

Editorial material is more suitable than ever, getting improving visibility on website home pages instead of basically being side-lined. With the discharge of Google Hummingbird in 2013, promoters have acknowledged the value of applying high-quality, appropriate, and unique content material in order to position more successfully across search engines.

In 2014, manufacturers using material basically to gain hyperlinks will be penalized by Google – instead, promoters can be successful in getting a mixture of the best to achieve, conversation, and great high-quality hyperlinks to further their SEO strategies by generating great, authentic material.

Another technique is generating interesting pictures and video clips which have become effective as the go-to popular technique. In 2013, we saw lots of material being created with pictures – .gifs, infographics, and memes – with manufacturers getting innovative with the distribution of information, and this is set to continue into 2014.

“Human” Companies

In buy, we’ll see manufacturers take a higher interest in optimising the client trip for their primary viewers. One thing that is often ignored by organizations is to remember that manufacturers are operated by humans! It is, consequently, important to show an individual part wherever possible, be this via public networking systems, marketing, web duplicate, or weblogs. Customers don’t react to a company machine, but instead to a more relatable individual speech with personality. Character is key!

Less is more

Web Design is critical to online promotion in 2014. The stylish ‘flat’ look that is currently growing gives itself to convenience, which in turn impacts client connections. Less on the site is far more attractive to the client and makes the page’s material much easier to process. Watch out for the removal of mess on the site and more empty area, which is only going to become more obvious in buy. With mobile phones and pills taking over the world, a desire for simple sites with large control buttons that are touch-friendly is now required more than ever.

Cellular Marketing

Thanks to the extensive use of cellular phones, in 2014, promoters will have to ensure that the brand experience is the same for consumers on a compact-sized screen. Location-based promotion is set to be successful, with real-time place data selection possible through mobile phones. This kind of promotion provides an opportunity for manufacturers to improve their client providing, with standard manufacturers now able to provide store-specific material and transportation providers delivering material in a quick and helpful way to travellers on the move. In 2014, mobile e-commerce is set to develop significantly.


With Facebook or myspace and LinkedIn having both shifted subsidized ads into the newsfeed in 2013, we can only anticipate seeing an ongoing creation of ads trying client involvement. In 2014, manufacturers will spend even more money on getting ads shown on public press sites, and with Instagram’s latest launch of ads, possibilities are ever-growing. With an even broader range of systems to choose from to advertise their manufacturers, public press sites are an interesting way for organizations to understand how they are recognized.

Real-Time Engagement

Attention. That’s what organizations are after. They’re always looking for methods to accentuate their speed of communicating ‘in the moment’ as they aim to achieve their consumers in a novel way to stand out from the rest. Using content on Tweets and Facebook or myspace or social media full of colloquialisms and humour are an excellent method of developing conversation with viewers, and this is only going to increase. Visible impacting is also set to grow in 2014 with applications like Snapchat and WhatsApp competing for the top spot as the route of the main connection for discussing minutes.

So 2014 is and will be all about interactive websites with engaging content which will provide users with the option of giving their opinion and being a part of the website and its experience. Where the user will be a part of the product that is sure to be a success.

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